aerial view of spu campus


Virtually walk through campus on a sunny day. Enter a classroom, soar over the waterfront, beach, or downtown.



Admitted SPU students smile in front of McKinley Hall

*Counts toward 访问 Scholarship

什么: On-campus 事件 specifically tailored to our admitted students. Experience all Seattle Pacific has to offer during these exclusive admitted student 事件.


: 录取学生预览 4月5日
录取学生快件 4月13日
SPU签约日 5月30日

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什么:生活 like an SPU student for a day! This one-day visit includes information sessions about specific academic programs, 金融援助, 和招生. Plus, you'll take a tour of our beautiful campus and enjoy lunch in our award-winning dining hall.

: Anyone interested in SPU and their guests

: 5月10日和24日


Three SPU students walk up a set of stairs on campus

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什么: Experience SPU through a customizable visit schedule here! You can meet with a counselor, attend a tour, enjoy lunch in our dining hall, 和更多的!

: Anyone interested in SPU.



students chat in tiffany loop

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什么: 访问SPU's campus on a Saturday if weekdays are not available for you! This weekend visit opportunity is a great option for anyone looking to learn about Seattle Pacific and our admissions process. Join our admissions staff for a 一小时 information session followed by a tour of campus!

: Anyone interested in SPU and their guests!

: Saturday mornings: 10 am info-session, 11 am campus tour



*Counts toward 访问 Scholarship

什么: Online one-on-one appointments with an admissions counselor to talk about your journey to SPU.

: Anyone interested in SPU.



转学 meet up outside the Student Union Building | photo by Marco Gutierrez

*Counts toward 访问 Scholarship

什么: Get all your questions about the SPU transfer experience answered. Take a tour, learn about admissions, and interact with faculty, staff, and other transfer students. You could also receive a provisional admissions decision* during the visit!

: Prospective transfer students and post-baccalaureate students.


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*More information about provisional admissions decision on registration page.


*Counts toward 访问 Scholarship

什么: Information Sessions that will help you learn about 如何申请 to SPU as a transfer student 和更多的!

: Anyone interested in continuing their higher education at SPU as a transfer student

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*Counts toward 访问 Scholarship

什么: Informational sessions and workshops that will help you 了解更多 about SPU, 如何申请, 下一个步骤, 和更多的!

: Anyone interested in SPU and admitted first year students!

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国际学生 pose on the steps of McKinley Hall during orientation

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什么: Live, 一小时 webinars specifically for international students. Whether you have been admitted to SPU, have begun an application, or are just looking for more information, you are invited to join us!

: Prospective and admitted international students.

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什么: A series of online webinars for parents and families hosted by SPU leadership. Get your questions answered on topics including safety, 金融援助, academics, faith, 和更多的!

: 父母 and family members interested in SPU

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An SPU student works on their laptop in Tiffany Loop

*Counts toward 访问 Scholarship

什么:生活, 一小时, monthly webinars covering the next 金融援助 steps students need to follow for enrollment and coming to SPU led by our Office of Student Financial Services. We’ll cover topics such as scholarships, 奖助金, 金融援助 letters, 和更多的!

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